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Interview with KCAL 9

Dr. Mahmoud Eslami being interviewed on KCAL 9

Dr. Mahmoud Eslami was interviewed by KCAL 9 News about his role in an Orange County teen's lifesaving heart procedure.

Study Featured by AHA

Dr. Meltzer's recent study, "Patients who trust the medical profession are more likely to take their high blood pressure medicine", was featured in the media by the American Heart Association after being presented on April 4, 2017 at the AHA's QCOR Scientific Sessions.

We would like to thank our 200+ patients that participated in this valuable study, the results of which have been viewed by an estimated 146 million people across the country.

Physician Leader

Dr. Bahram Eslami

Dr. Bahram Eslami, M.D.,F.A.C.P, F.A.C.C., is now in his 7th year as Chief of Cardiovascular Services at the Jeffrey M. Carlton Heart and Vascular Institute at Hoag Hospital in Irvine.


"In December, 1990, I had a massive heart attack and was rushed from my home to a local hospital emergency room. Fortunately, Doctor Bahram Eslami was in attendance at the hospital. Dr. Eslami's experience and skill literally saved my life that day. Since that time, almost 28 years ago, I have been a patient of Dr. Eslami. During this period, his prescribed medications, physical testing and life style recommendations stabilized my condition and I live a healthy life. If you're in need of a fine Cardiologist, I suggest you visit Dr. Bahram Eslami.

Again, Amber, thanks for your help."


"I have been a grateful patient of Doctor Bahram Elsami at Cardiology Specialists of Orange County for nearly 20 years. His expertise is unending. Every visit he shares the latest medical studies with me. He has always been determined to stay current on behalf of his patients. He is skilled, kind and understanding. He listens carefully and explains thoroughly. He is a physician of complete integrity. My appointments always go smoothly and I have only had to wait once in the 20 years and that was because he was tending to an emergency in the hospital next door (as he did for me in 1998). The staff is very knowledgeable, accommodating, efficient and friendly. While I hope most people will not need his services, if you or a loved one even suspect that there might be a problem with your heart, I recommend you contact him as soon as possible. He is just the absolute greatest doctor you could have guarding your heart."

Judy Vardoulis,

Aliso Viejo, California